The Handmaid’s Tale – Marvlyn Vincent

We have heard of such things,
Women being told,
shut up, no one cares what you think
A husband beating his chest,
His wife’s nervous, she can’t find rest,
She was born to please him,
No matter what he wants,
Her job’s to appease him,
Please honey, not tonight,
I’m not in the mood.
Woman, have you lost your mind,
Are you a fool?
I married you for my pleasure,
Not to be a piece of furniture,
Your only response should be,
“My wish”
Is your desire,
In her mind, she thinks,
This was never my dream,
Not what I aspire,
She remains silent,
Her mind is racing,
Thoughts filled with violence,
This whole union has been,
An unwanted event,
It’s time to end this misery,
Walk away from this slavery,
A future between them,
That she can’s see
Their life together
From now would be history.

Marvlyn Vincent was born and raised in the Caribbean. She migrated to the United States more than a decade ago, not just in search of a better life, but also to literally save her life. As a child Marvlyn started writing poetry as an escape from the horrors of her reality, but also as an outlet for her pain. This was her way of sharing the things that she could not speak about. Today she still writes about her past experiences, however, she’s also developed her writing to include the resolution that has gotten her through the hard times.


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