Dreams – Aj Mac

Once upon a midnight journey
In the darkness of the night
The galaxy took my fancy
I ascended off in full flight
To travel deep amongst the stars
And disappear into space
For I no longer wanted to wander here
Amongst the human race
I flew so fast, I flew so far
Against all odds all night I flew
Until the morning light
When I descended down to you
What kind of alchemy is dreaming?
Consorting with people who don’t exist
A dream is a wish your heart makes
Granting everything on your list
But not all dreams are beautiful
For they are a reflection of the Earth
Some dreams turn into nightmares
Scaring you for all they’re worth
Like the time I dreamt of my sister
An outsider in my mind
We searched for our mother’s garden
But nothing could we find
And as we searched our heartache grew
And we became frantic and lost
We then broke down cried together
Despair was the cost
And then around us storm clouds brewed
And the screaming banshees shrieked
The fear inside froze us
We could hardly speak
It ended quickly as I awoke
And let out a little scream
What wish was my heart making here
On this horror dream?

You can read more of Aj’s writing on Instagram

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