Sister Outsider, Missed her? Can’t Outride Her. – Shauna Woodbury

So this is how you thought it was done this is how the game is won for every thought you had to fake and every caress you had to make now you’ll  know how it feels cum hell or high heels!

A punch in the guts, a rip of the heart. A day of fire, a day you’re on your own.

You deserve the gift you’ve given yourself yeah your mind is blown.

How could any woman leave you right?

This one did. Walked on. Head held high, wedding veil in hand and fresh air breathed in. You’re history babe.

No rewind no replay.

Society’s anxiety and a prison called love. Well this is no longer my address. I walk the road of goodbye and embrace the fuck you movement.


See ya

Free and onward.

Today I’ll put away the stilettos you liked and haul on the leather boots.

Today the lipstick is wiped away and the hair up.

Air. Direction. On I go.

The fuck you movement is mine to ride. I ride it hard!

That’s how the fuck you movement works and it’s working for a better me. How unfortunate for you now.

Take your sad story walkin I’m taking my song runnin.

I can see city lights I can see cabins and mountains, I can see neon and smell diesel. I can have it all.

That’s the beauty of my fuck you movement.

Sail on sail away I’m mine no longer yours.

I can hear laughter is it mine? Am I insane? Maybe. Good!

This is the fuck you movement so ….fuck you. I’m moved.

There’s a clarity in tears and a cleansing in rage. I carry both with pride.

What’s that? I can’t leave? Who will love you? Nobody. That’s what I’ve realized. Me? I’m good. Im walking in the fuck you movement.

Up up fuck you and away!

You’ll be fine. You’ve always healed yourself with lies and the crushing of souls. Find another victim.

This woman is on her way out. Far and gone!!

I’m a 48yr old woman from Calgary Alberta.
I have two grown sons and three step kids.
I work with the special needs children.
Baseball, beer and writing make me smile.
You can read more of my writing on Facebook.

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