The Bell Jar – Christine E. Ray

the heart
of my madness
beats wildly
beneath polished glass
its feathered limbs
a living thing
fighting desperately
to be free
it is both monstrous
achingly beautiful
as it contorts
onyx and plum
catching the light
before it shifts
midnight and crimson
it is pitiable
as it throws itself
again and again
against curved walls
I struggle
with deep longing
to release it
cradle it in my arms
croon a lullaby
but like all feral things
sooner or later
it will turn on me
bite me viciously
on my breast
until I bleed
impale me with
razor-sharp talons
and not release me
until long after
it has taken flight

© 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

Image Courtesy of Pinterest | feathered artwork by Kate McGwire

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