English Major – Kiersen Elle Peach

Broken, I am the second sex.

I sit

In a professor’s office knit.

He’s a man who can open doors by closing you in.
My eyes look down towards my shirt’s firm fit.
Bent and frustrated he tells me again

That I should be an English Major, he’ll help me in

It’s just a sweet nothing sin…

He knows people.
I could be someone
I could be big.
But how big can I get if I’m under him?

Turning the door knob and looking away.

With borrowed strength I remembered outweighed:

That while Eve came of Adam, Lilith was cut from his same clay

Not less or more, we are the same
I won’t rent or sell my core within
Steadfast against man’s original sin.

Kiersen Elle Peach is a writer and teacher out of Sacramento, California.  She spends her days writing, removing objects from her 2-year-old’s jaws, and wishing to be James Joyce.  You can read more of her writing at K. Elle Peach

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