GIRL DECODED – Georgiann Carlson

there is no code
there are no easy answers
girls barely know who they are
born into cultures
that never allow them to become
what they could
or might be
but there is one thing
I know for sure
girls are magic
made not from just the stars
but from the very life force
of the universe Herself
that’s why they are so threatening
so dangerous
so feared
by the male establishment
girls are just that powerful
and all the boys know it
Photo:  Adryan RA

I’m an artist, a writer, a vegetarian, an animal rights activist, and quite a few other things as well. I love books, cats, philosophy, good conversation, Chicago and the arts. So my blog is full of bits and pieces but it’s the bits and pieces that make life interesting to me. You can read more of my writing at Rethinking Life

6 thoughts on “GIRL DECODED – Georgiann Carlson

  1. That’s why, men get into the habits of, oppressing women, trying to, keep us, under their, controls s, but now, as women become, more and more capable and, independent, we won’t, allow it now.


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