Staring at the yellow wallpaper
As I sit in this room
I wonder where you are
Why you have become so silent
This bright yellow wallpaper
So cheerful
Mocks the darkness growing inside
Am I losing you
Damn this yellow wallpaper
The longer I sit here staring
The more the darkness grows
And a rage starts
The urge to tear down the yellow wallpaper
Grows stronger
Fierce and irrational
The sunny yellow wallpaper
Lays in tattered pieces
With me standing in the middle of the room
Breathing heavy… I look down
At the destruction of the yellow wallpaper
And I no longer see ripped pieces of bright paper
But the remains of my shredded soul

CE Wing is a Connecticut Yankee living in the Queen City. A writer and poet. She has dreamed of being a writer since she was a little girl. Her dream was pushed aside for a time but through her journey of self-discovery, she rekindled her passion for writing. She is currently writing a novel, a traditional fantasy with an LGBTQ theme. You can read more of her writing on Wing’s Poetry


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