Awakening Bolt – Ivor Steven

I’m patiently waiting
In my Neurosurgeon’s rooms
The visit should’ve been a scheduled check-up
But here I am, explaining yesterday’s jolt

I had an episode whilst driving
I nearly caused an accident
I blacked-out for a second
I lost power in my stroke affected arm and leg
I started to panic
I had to stop and rest

Fortunately I experienced
An immediate awakening

My senses came back
My quickened heart-rate slowed down
My specialist has banned me from driving
I’m to undergo scans next week
I’m confused and upset
I’m blessed and unhurt

There’ll be a week of having tests
Then I’ll be waiting for the results
Hopefully the outcome will be positive
And the awakening lightening bolt, was heaven sent

Ivor Steven is a part-time plumber, a former industrial chemist, and now likes to call himself a plumber/poet. He has had several of his poems published. He started writing eighteen years ago, after suffering a stroke, to help with his rehabilitation process. In December 2018, Ivor suffered another two strokes, and has again recovered, to continue writing his poetry, and is an active member of the Geelong Writers Inc. Victoria, Australia. You can read more of his writing at Ivor.Plumber/Poet

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