The Beauty Myth – Christine E. Ray

beauty beholds me
finds me wanting. . .
at lack
of adherence
to carved commandments
lay down
in pages of glossy
fashion magazines
of what
‘making an effort’
looks like
to what I ‘should’
my hair
too thin
too gray
too badly (self) cut

do you even own a brush or comb?!

skin lined
pallid except
where it is blotchy
blotchy except
where it is pallid
no mascara
lip liner
concealer to be

we’ve seen ghosts with more color

at today’s ensemble-
men’s sweatpants
(dark gray? navy? black? who cares?)
oversized sweatshirt
(mostly unstained)
worn fleece-lined
anime socks
adding spot of color
of whimsy

seriously, you leave the house in that?!
putting a bra on is NOT ‘dressing up’

beauty beholds me
finds me wanting. . .
if only
I cared

© 2022 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

Photo by Greta T on Unsplash

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