Against Our Will. – Steve Naisbitt

That mad distemper
That strikes both
Beggar and King
Turning latter into former
Over torturous time.
Learn to let go
Of everything inside.
Be done.
Being held hostage
By the ghost of happiness’ chance
Becoming malignant spirit
Haunting with nightmares,
post-traumatic stress
and cognitive dissonance.
Can we just skip the ‘getting to know one another’ crap?
Get to the screaming hateful end
where you tear me so apathetically apart.
Leave me like hanging offal
On the altar of the lie
That was you…

Steve Naisbitt claims to have been writing since he could hold a pencil. Consumed by long personal relationship with Death, beginning with the loss of his brother; loss drives his exploration of the humanity’s darkside.

He is the deeply cynical, embittered author of Among the Dead – book one of his The Black Metropolis adult sci-fi series. In addition to his quest for an agent, he’s currently working on his second novel. Find his black-hearted take on the world at Darkgingerbread and Blackwater Ink and also Quora where he regularly contributes to their mental health and relationship columns.

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