Why the caged bird sings – Shauna Woodbury

Driven by desire. Fueled by heartache.
Burnt by your fire. Caged behind haunted eyes. Flickers disguised as trust. Blinded by the brightness of your shiny lies and convinced of your reality by your steel eyes.
You make me feel real, alive and very afraid.
You’re a dark shadow over my land. A questionable need I wonder who I really am.
I was once aware of my strength and my direction. Now the yellow brick road and it’s broken one forked path home is what I follow. The road up ahead is led by you and your games. You make them up as you go and I dare not jump to show everyone how I’ve won.
You’re the prize in the bottom of my empty box.
The thin cheap piece I paid a nickel for and spun the crank.
I walked the line. I carried my weight. I picked up on the first ring and I matched every sock.
Tonight I climb the wall. I feel the ankle monitor. I know my wrists are red but up and over!
Careful. The car is old and creaks. You won’t hear it you’re too busy drowning in your embalmed one man corn mash riot.
Still careful. Don’t pull the door hard. Key in. Neutral. It’s creeping forward. And we are away. I start it up. Headlights. Go!
We have miles before daybreak. You have minutes before the headache.
Tonight I went over the wall. Tonight I can’t care at all. Tonight birds fly, cages open and my freedom sings.
I was saved. You were hell.
Angels meet demons everyday but this time heaven kicked hell’s ass.

I’m a 48 yr old woman from Calgary Alberta.
I have two grown sons and three step kids.
I work with the special needs children.
Baseball, beer and writing make me smile.

You can read more of my writing on Facebook.

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