Split Infinities – Christine E. Ray

Originally published on Blood Into Ink 

I fight so hard
against the sign
the good citizens insist
should hang outside
my door
scratching at the
carved letters
until nails
are torn
letters ‘B’ and ‘i’
stained a deep
rusty red
that no amount of
scrubbing will remove
I have accepted
more bitter pills
than this. . .

and yet I long
for a reversal of
my split
to be reunited
to once again
feel whole

© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

Image courtesy Agata Stoinska (Pinterest)

2 thoughts on “Split Infinities – Christine E. Ray

  1. Putting our, broken parts, back together, after we’d been, broken too many times, is, never easy, and yet, we still, try, our, hardest, to, move past, what’s happened to us, a day, at a, time.


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