Dragons and Peonies – Christine E. Ray

The skin I am in
Longs to become acquainted
With the skin you are in
Our eyes meet
Across the room
And I forget that
We are not alone
We came tonight with
A larger group of friends
But we are increasingly
Attuned to each other

There is something in the air
I like the
Boldness of your gaze
As you keep catching my eye
Your snaggle tooth grin
The sound of your laughter
At some inside joke
The tantalizing glimpse
Of ink peeking out of
Your shirt sleeve

I wonder what it will look like
Lined up against the ink
On my arm
My gentle peonies
Against your fiery dragon
Your jeans and ironic tee
Hint of lanky muscles
Of steel
That I think will fit nicely
Against my curves

I cannot stop the smile
And slight blush from
Crossing my face
You seem to be
Reading my mind
Across the room
Your cocked eyebrow
And slow lazy smile
Indicate to me
That you are as
Distracted by me
As I am by you

I watch you make your
To your friends
That you have been
Only half paying attention to
Before you saunter
My way
When you are finally
Standing in front of me
I feel the warmth coming
Off your body
Catch a whiff of your clean scent
There is a sparkle in your eye
“Shall we?” is all you need to say
It feels as natural as breathing
When you reach for my hand
And we leave this crowd behind
Aware only of each other

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


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