Recombinant Selves

We inherit
The wordless cry
Of all our former
Selves (CER)

They layer themselves
upon us
ragged cloaks
of the homeless
at our heels (AP)

Dusk takes one last breath
Swallowing golden specks of us
Scattered among the detritus
No light reflects
From such depths
We are the chosen (1W-W)

We stumble against starless darkness
searching for one truth (KMA)

Layer by layer, I am revealed.
The reflection looking back at me
isn’t one I recognize.

Will there be anything
worth remembering,
when I’m gone? (SD)

Searching for a candle in the abyss,
A hope to hold onto,
To chalk sweaty palms
Gripping a frayed rope.
tearing tender flesh,
Climbing toward salvation (JWL)

But the stars have fallen, smashed diamonds
of our shattered images, and the lost cry
who am I? In tune with our hearts. (A)

Through telescopes
we focus on a point
All else is irrelevant
From the bottom of a well
our vision is limited
All else is a mystery (WC)

The mysterious property
of my ancestors
the progeny of dusk
I am prodigy or effigy
What I ought to be
or another misstep in
my fragile history (OP)

Our former
inheritance! (SFF)




Kindra M. Austin

Ward Clever

Sarah Doughty

Stephen F. Fuller

John W. Leys

Aurora Phoenix

Olde Punk

Christine E. Ray

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