There are days And nights Where the only thing Keeping me from Sliding completely into the abyss From becoming a shapeless Nameless blob of ectoplasm Is your skin against my skin Your mouth against my mouth Grounding me Calling me home Even when the knowledge Has started to slip away from me Your body remembers … Continue reading Clay

Move Forward In Love: Pride 2022 SAL from Modern Folk Embroidery

For the last year, I have been working with several other fabulous members of the cross stitch and embroidery community to launch a new WordPress site, ‘Diversity in Stitching’. We just published our first blog post!

Diversity in Stitching

When designer Jacob de Graaf reached out to the Diversity in Stitching Team about Modern Folk Embroidery’s upcoming Pride 2022 SAL (stitch-a-long), we were instantly smitten. We fell even more in love with the project upon learning that the SAL’s theme was inspired while he watched imogenXstitch’s debut Flosstube episode. Jacob reports that the design came together for him when imogenXstitch pulled the tarot card “The Lovers”, and quoted Madam Adam’s words “Move forward in love, or backward in fear”.

Jacob graciously agreed to answer more of our questions about the new SAL.

We are in awe of your gorgeous patterns, including your new Pride SAL. What are your inspirations for the motifs you incorporate into a pattern like the Pride SAL? What is your normal design process?

JdG: Thank you so much! A couple of times now folks have gotten in touch with me if I would ever…

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Originally published by the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective. it had been many years since the wolves had come circling the house howling at her door voices insistent teeth sharp musk pungent coats winter thick matted she was unsurprised at their return it was, after all, the Full Wolf Moon she shivered wrapping herself in worn … Continue reading Wolves