SEPTA #brave10objectchallenge

My Morning Commute

Restless commuters

Coffee to-go cups

Noses buried in Smartphones


Monthly Trailpasses/Smartpasses

Inadequate shelter on concrete platform

Signal Light for tain

The one commuter paying fare in coin, holding up the line, inevitablably on a rainy or frosty morning

Standing-room-only view from under an armpit

The fight through the crowd as I near my stop, anxiety heightened


My Evening Commute

Tired, subdued commuters

Loud, lively children with energy I envy

Sticky floor and discarded Metros

Contraband pizza being eaten

The guy with the bicycle nudging everyone over

Sharp curves taken at too fast a speed

Platform signs hard to read in winter dark

The commuter who desperately needs a shower and antiperspirant

My favorite conductor making humorous overhead announcements and chatting with passengers

Long walk up the steep hill to my snug house


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


Brave and Reckless Writing Challenge: Life experience captured in 10 objects Gina/Singledust


Challenge: write about a life experience using only ten objects.  This is about my life working in cancer treatment for over a quarter of a century, things that I see and my patients see too.

I am expanding a little from Christine’s original as these may seem insignificant things but they matter the most.

tears – mine, theirs, ours

a smile – starts with mine

two pairs of hands – his and hers intertwined

loud machinery – it devastates

cold room – but warm people

warm hands – mine!

balloons – graduation day!

lead door – I am alone

soft music – we are just outside

a straight back – survivors all of us

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10 objects #brave10objectchallenge: Jerennazuto/itsallaboutnothing


Christine Ray from brave and reckless blog made an interesting challenge. Defining us and our lifes with10 objects. Intrigued me!

So here’s mine, they are simple and common, just like how I like to live



Blog full of poetry

Half read books

Empty plate

Note full of scribbles

Forgotten plans

Broken promises

Unwavering luck

Last minute saves


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The Song Inside the Red Bud #brave10objectchallenge: S Francis/SailorPoet

Stephen Fuller

Blue cased iPod replaced Red (T) to match,

Viewer, the song inside note my Red (T) buds

While I lace up new blue Mizuno trainers

To run away from chocolate chip cookies

Chasing cheeseburgers down to sole food

Decay before I add yet another book to read

The real feed for my soul’s soothing song

Looking for one dance partner to spin along

While laughing at the meaning of existence

Then we will find the lace underneath undo

Puzzles defiant awaiting their missed piece.

Took some liberties with the Brave and Reckless challenge, but I ran so slowly this morning, more words came out than just the list. So in defiance I say #brave10objectchallenge take that!

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