you are liquid warmth on long frosty nights you are soft whisper in a world that shouts you are gentle touch in a room of sharp corners biting edges you are jewel tones in sterile stark spaces you are embracing acceptance at the end of the longest day when the world has done its best … Continue reading Shelter


The sheets with tiny pink rosebuds, incongruously innocent, are tangled beneath us. Your lips travel slowly down from my earlobe to my neck, marking your territory. You stop at my collarbone; nipping it gently with your teeth before lifting your head to look at me. Our shirts are lost somewhere on the floor, my bra … Continue reading Fire


I stand before you more naked more stripped down than I have ever been vulnerable unsteady I have always thought falling in love would be a gentle drop backwards gracefully landing into piles of autumn leaves freshly fallen snow but this is mad uncontrolled cartwheeling free-fall tumbling I no longer know up from down breathless … Continue reading Falling