Go Dog Go Cafe Blackboard Special: Grounds for a Connection/Aurora Phoenix

Have you stopped by the Go Dog Go Cafe yet? We have a fabulous Blackboard Special today from Aurora Phoenix.

Go Dog Go Café


she drinks her coffee black
no nonsense as her stride
hint of caramel flavored
reflecting her soul’s sweetness
twinkling amber from her eyes

in every sip, she imbibes
the comfort of a lazy Sunday brunch
each waft is aromatic communion
with dislodged or misplaced souls
writing their universal place

syllables take heat
above steaming mugs
transpose fulminating truths
transfix the globe

Aurora Phoenix is visiting the Go Dog Cafe from Insights from “Inside”

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Welcome to the Go Dog Go Café

What is the Go Dog Go Café you ask?

It’s a very friendly place filled with warm, talented and inspiring people. The Go Dog Go Café is accessible to anyone who wants to be part of building a healthy and supportive writing community. It’s the inception of S Francis the Sailorpoet and has attracted many like-minded souls as we journey together writing and finding our voice in the world.

The values of support, inclusiveness, and living as our true selves have captured the imagination of a loose group of WP friends and sometimes collaborators and inspired them to create a virtual Cafe on WordPress to serve as a place where all writers are welcome, collaboration is encouraged and you can pull up a chair  and enjoy what is on the menu today.  We hope you’ll stop by.

Your Baristas,

S. Francis (SailorPoet)

Amanda (Mandibelle16)

Christine (Brave and Reckless)

Chuck (The Reluctant Poet)

Davy (Inside the Mind of Davy D)

Gina (Singledust)

Sangbad (Thoughts of Words) and

Vanessa (Say No to Clowns)

New Spoken Word Pieces

This week’s spoken word catch-up includes several of my own pieces as well as two collaborative poems from the Go Dog Go Cafe.  Click on the poem titles to read the full text versions.  Hope you enjoy!

Renga: Solving Lonely Winter Nights

A collaborative poem from the Go Dog Go Cafe

Renga: Spring Responds to Winter Loneliness

A Collaborative Poem from the Go Dog Go Cafe

Cats Eye

The Charges Leveled

What Little Girls Are Made Of

My Voice, Your Ear

First Timer

Response poem to S Francis’s (SailorPoet) poem In the Cafe  All are welcome at the Go Dog Go Cafe

I stand getting wet in cold rain

watching through plate glass windows

edges fogged

rendering the scene inside

a soft feathered oval

Aroma of coffee

faint but distinct

drifts past my nose

Feeling a bit shy and tentative

I approach the door

pull it open

to the sound of a cheerful bell

I am greeted by steamy warmth

that fogs my glasses

intriguing smells

hum of lively conversation

A few patrons

look up at me with curiosity

as I approach the counter

I intend only to order coffee

but impulsively add a scone

enticingly calling from the glass case

The barista smiles as she hands me my order

my change

You’re new around here


not a question

I nod


I nod again

then add Poet

She points to a large wooden table

toward the front of the café

full of laughter

easy conversation

Steve, can you find a chair for a newcomer?

the barista calls from behind the counter

Before I can respond

everyone good naturedly

rearranges themselves

to accommodate an empty chair

I nod my thanks at the barista

before approaching the table

coffee and pastry in hand

I am greeted with warm open smiles

A tall man in the center

gestures to the now empty chair next to him


he says as I put down my food

absorb the introductions

my shyness fades as

I take my seat

seamlessly included

in the conversation

as if I am an old friend

who has been away

I mentally sigh


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved