Authors in Indie Blu(e) Anthologies: Shweta Rao Garg

Meet Shweta Rao Garg

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Shweta submitted to Indie Blu(e)’s, The Kali Project and we have a special passion for ARTISTS of her caliber; it was challenging because the series of Kali paintings Shewta had submitted were all outstanding – depicting Kali in ‘ordinary’ life in such a haunting, powerful way. We wanted to use them all but unfortunately we print in black and white in the interior of our anthologies (or they would be prohibitively expensive!) and some of Shweta’s gorgeous paintings weren’t done justice in black and white. Once you have seen Shweta’s artwork you don’t forget it. We really hope to work with Shweta again.

The Visitor – (in the Goddesses series and published in The Kali Project).

Shweta Rao Garg in front of some of her art.

Shweta Rao Garg is an artist, poet, and academic. Her collection of poetry, Of Goddesses and Women, was published by Sahitya Akademi in…

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What’s the difference between vanity presses, small presses and other kinds of publishing?

Helpful publishing information from Indie Blu(e)!

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

When you’ve written a good book, be it prose or poetry, the next step is to find a publisher. If you are a relative unknown, you may be doing this without an Agent. If so, it can be hard to know what kind of publisher to choose.

Vanity Press

Typically a ‘vanity’ press refers to a publisher who takes some money upfront for their services. They may dress this up in a variety of packages but the bottom line is, they will ask you to pay for something. This is not to be confused with buying your own cover art.

Vanity presses do a good job of deemphasizing their ‘vanity’ aspect and focusing on the benefits. The reason for this is because for a long time publishing through a vanity press was considered ‘cheating’ by the publishing world at large and frowned upon.

This has waxed and waned as people…

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Authors in Indie Blu(e) Anthologies: Vandana Kumar

Meet Vandana Kumar

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Vandana Kumar holding up the two Indie Blu(e) anthologies her work appears in.

Vandana Kumar is a gifted polyglot poet, academic and passionate writer and educator. Indie Blu(e)’s Candice Daquin and Kumar wrote to each other in French when they met through The Kali Project, mutually appreciating the love of language. Kumar is a self-effacing, gifted writer whose work is intense and informed by her travails and extensive knowledge of language and life. It’s impossible not to appreciate the widely-traveled, social-awareness in her perceptive poetry and prose. Kumar is a natural writer, but one whose love of writing has been honed by her journey with words and learning.

Kumar tells us: “(Today) It’s a sunless day in the cold capital of India. Somewhere I hear strains of ‘The Moody Blues’ number ‘Nights In White Satin’… I start to hum along “Letters I’ve written never meaning…

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