Brilliant Madness (Revisited 2)

I live in a state

of brilliant madness

teethering on the apex

of a jagged mountain

balanced atop a skateboard


least shift of weight

momentary loss of focus

resulting in long careen

into a ravine

of jagged rocks

fallen branches

brackish water

It is exhausting

and exhilarating


My thoughts



atoms in a cyclotron

thick blue dots

moving in clear viscous liquid

of tall glass cylinder

reaching for the ceiling

reaching for the sky

tt times they synchronize

military formation

at others they collide

in complete anarchy


I dwell

in the still quiet hours


my personal twilight

human and canine companions asleep

house creaky with age

forced hot air

I ignore the mouse

scurrying in the kitchen

non-aggression treaty intact

as long as we do not come face-to-face


I have been waking

in one of two states

words pulling at me

rousing me


that I sit in front of the

impersonal screen

serve as a conduit

as they take shape

write themselves


The other state

suspended animation

frozen in time

trapped in silence

unable to muster

a single word

a single truth



I admit to myself

if to no one else

deep ambivalence toward

jagged little pharma

sitting on the kitchen table

that may save my life

but steal

this brilliant madness


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

© Revised 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Cats Eye

Your words roll toward me

across the table of silence

like cats eye marbles

that I can pick up and examine

wonder at the jewel toned beauty

the sculptured moments captured inside

the delicate swirl drawing me closer

defenses forgotten as I contemplate

the gifts offered








encased in glass

awaiting my need

should I choose

to stow these precious orbs

in a soft pouch hanging from neck

falling close to my heart

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

At the Movies

I took my first Creative Writing class in Spring of 2017.  One of our topics was concise expression.  One fun in-class assignments was to rewrite a famous book or movie in two sentences.  They were not supposed to be summaries but I was really challenged by this assignment.

The Graduate:

Life after college sucks.  I advise against having sex with your girlfriend’s mother

Star Wars:

He wanted off his dreary planet desperately.  He answers when opportunity knocks and discovers himself the hero.

Romeo and Juliet:

A love so sweet, so passionate,  so star-crossed.  Who thought it would end so badly?

Pride and Prejudice:

Her pride was hurt by his assessment of her looks and suitability; she was prejudiced against him.  Fortunately, they got over themselves.

Silver Bullets

you are scars


onto my soul

black ink memory

etched into my skin

silver bullets

shot from a high–powered rifle

penetrating my flesh

embedding into my heart

my lungs

i watch the drops of blood

slowly pool at my feet

while I struggle to breathe deep

the empty air left behind

in your wake

I long to feel the bone wracking


of woman into wolf

human cries will not do justice

this mourning requires

midnight howling to the starless sky

and the cold light

of a full moon

the echoing chorus

of lupine brothers and sisters

who know my pain


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


My right foot and I

are on the outs


I keep telling it

what I want it to do

but sometimes it just sits there


It looks like my right foot

it feels like my right foot

but it’s as if it has forgotten

what it means to be foot

forgotten what it means

to coordinate with leg


My left foot is irritated

by the extra work

My left hand is suspicious

says my right foot must be an imposter

thinks we shouldn’t trust it

calls it faux foot

My right hand is quiet


under the circumstances

It is weak

Losing its grip


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved