my days have become hourglass-shaped I rise early morning hours sit in front of my screen in quiet stillness feel alone in the world reflective internal my thoughts warm tumbled amorphous as I slowly wake thick golden syrup after sleep food caffeine percolates through my veins brings world into focus things become narrow sharper my wheels turn … Continue reading Sundowning


My latest piece on Blood Into Ink

Blood Into Ink

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it took time

to reach the dusty crossroads

but only a moment

to sell my soul to The Devil

a willing sacrifice

sign the legally binding documents

in thin purple Sharpie

I swallowed my qualms like raw oysters



as I gagged them down my throat

ate my pride sliced

on gluten free crackers

followed by

chilled Riesling

crisp with green apple


to get it down

naively believing

this would make me happy

repair what had broken

heal the shame


etched onto my palms

told myself

this time could be different

would be different

convinced myself

that I had misread the Tarot

no true High Priestess dispensing Justice

time to embrace Temperance

so easy

to chain myself on the Wheel of Fortune

accept Judgement that I was over-sensitive

too emotional


finding out I that I was right the first time

should be more satisfying

how much…

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