Frankenstein; Or, The New Prometheus – Christine E. Ray

stitched carefully together from odd parts of other women you would prefer me to be you recklessly called forth roaring thunder flashes of lightening that wracked through my body electric agony ignited a spark of independent life I rose from the table reborn something new something other you gazed upon me your creation not with … Continue reading Frankenstein; Or, The New Prometheus – Christine E. Ray

Frankenstein et al. – Donna Matthews

ghosts goblins dark shadows mummies stirring frankenstein’s monster werewolves and vampires black raven’s razor-sharp beaks creatures of the dark rising up to unleash their fury in your dreams trapped in the ancient fear of night monsters   The painting above is available via the Let’s Make Art tutorial. Learn more about Let’s Make Art here The above … Continue reading Frankenstein et al. – Donna Matthews