HAROLD THE WHINER – Georgiann Carlson

Harold was in his favorite deli, when he started whining. His waiter, the unfortunate person who drew the short straw, went to his table. "This food tastes terrible. Make it again,” demanded Harold. “No problem,” said the waiter, clearing the table. Still dissatisfied, Harold asked to speak to the cook. “There’s something wrong with this … Continue reading HAROLD THE WHINER – Georgiann Carlson

The Book of Difficult Fruit – Georgiann Carlson

there are many chapters in The Book of Difficult Fruit I mean bananas are never easy everyone knows that but the most difficult fruits of all are the sneaky and calculating PEARS sure they may look innocent all green and flashy their perky stems sticking out at interesting angles but in reality they are tricksters counting the moments until we turn our … Continue reading The Book of Difficult Fruit – Georgiann Carlson