What Storm, What Thunder – Marianne Peel

We would caterwaul to high heaven when the rains halted, as my mother would say.      We knew that my mother would be tending to the laundry. Saturday chores.  From hamper to wringer washing machine.  To the clothesline with pillowcases and sheets and tablecloths and daddy’s boxers and my trainer bras all suspended with clothespins. … Continue reading What Storm, What Thunder – Marianne Peel

HAROLD THE WHINER – Georgiann Carlson

Harold was in his favorite deli, when he started whining. His waiter, the unfortunate person who drew the short straw, went to his table. "This food tastes terrible. Make it again,” demanded Harold. “No problem,” said the waiter, clearing the table. Still dissatisfied, Harold asked to speak to the cook. “There’s something wrong with this … Continue reading HAROLD THE WHINER – Georgiann Carlson