Saline expressions of ancient grief crystalline drops quiver rest briefly before slow roll down burning cheek caress contours of neck leave thin pale trail on bare skin sink gracefully around the curve of  breast to dissolve on aching heart an age of endless water her blue phase © 2017 Revised 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – … Continue reading Tears


i wear my losses on a chain ‘round my neck copper silver gold charms containing locks of stranded memory tied with red ribbon sometimes they are light barely noticeable sometimes they weigh the world sharp edges pricking at my tender skin © 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


You ask why as if there is some answer that could satisfy us that would make us nod heads in collective agreement Yes, we would say wisely he should have taken his life Yes, she deserved to be a statistic Ask instead  how much pain a human being has endured to choose dying over existing? … Continue reading Why?