my days have become hourglass-shaped I rise early morning hours sit in front of my screen in quiet stillness feel alone in the world reflective internal my thoughts warm tumbled amorphous as I slowly wake thick golden syrup after sleep food caffeine percolates through my veins brings world into focus things become narrow sharper my wheels turn … Continue reading Sundowning

Spark-Olde Punk

The brilliant Olde Punk walks straight through the black gates

RamJet Poetry


Involved evolution

inflated diatribe of

incessant tunnel vision

enticing indecision

edible cataclysms

enchant the martyrs

with your cynicism

I may be a sinner

but I walk straight

Under the black gates

the smiling criticism

and crimson banners

heads on stakes

ten thousand times

your sword falls on

our necks

before the break

invested insubordination

trivial instigation

social disintegration

tasting degradation

entropic devolution

igniting a revolution

we are coming

we are running

we are marching

we are coming…

for you.

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