Living with Invisible Illness: The Gross Clinic- Henna Sjöblom

[warning – graphic] The doctors will come, I promised as I stabilized the wound with a metal rail, stretching my abdomen for everyone to see They all lined up, came by and spit into the orifice, one by one granting me their final gifts of disregard. Of course, I cried to them You there, Sir! … Continue reading Living with Invisible Illness: The Gross Clinic- Henna Sjöblom

The Fermi Paradox Revisited – Henna Sjöblom

The amazing Henna Sjöblom on Sudden Denouement.

Sudden Denouement Collective



I had a panic attack in the street once.
I couldn’t go home, so
I just sat on the ground, screaming,
my makeup smeared all over my face, my nose blazing red like Rudolph the Reindeer’s, and the sounds erupting from my mouth were not some modest sniffles or erotic sighs, but hideous, wet gargles as of a jellyfish being dropped into a juice blender.


No one would look at me.
Everyone passed by in a hurry, acting as if I was a spot on their retina, a threat to the orderly society. The madness that lures behind the corner as we sit crouched in silence, pondering the significance of emphatic connection


Stuck on the wrong frequency
I adjust my vocal chords again
humming sweet nothings into the radio transmitter
A distress-call from a dying race


Knowledge of our ultimate uselessness
has been a splinter dug into my backbone, ticking…

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