Peeling back my layers

Slowly, gently, carefully

One by one

Like the petals of a zinnia bud


My instinct is usually

To stay your hand

Afraid of what we will find

When we reach

My core


Delicate stirrings

Like butterfly wings

Whisper to me

To let you closer

Allow you to continue to unfold me

Slowly, gently, carefully


Growing hope that when we

Reach my center

We will find incandescence

We can bathe in


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved



No Ordinary Love

Inspired by You + Me’s haunting cover of No Ordinary Love

Reaching across

a distance

more formidable

than miles



you reached out

your hand

to where I stood


in all my protective titanium armor



You offered me nothing less

than your beating heart

Nothing more than this moment

this chance

You said


I won’t let you fall

Your eyes holding truth

your sweet smile steady

your voice so full

of strength



that even I

believed I could fly

That we could fly

So I jumped. . .


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


Night Music

Will you dance with me

in this silvery pool

of moonlight

that falls across

your face

like a watered silk?

Will you clasp my hand

hold it as delicately

but firmly

as though it is my beating heart?

Wrap your arm

around my body

let your warmth

become my warmth

your breath become

my breath

soft against bare skin

Listen to the night music



fill us with ache


as we sway together

in these steps

of remembrance

this onyx night. . .


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


we are often just ships

passing by

during the frenetic work week

our sleep/wake cycles

not in sync

ruminating silently in the night hours

over our own individual worries

our daytime communication

focused on the logistics

of teenagers, bills, elderly dog

laundry, menu planning, the leaking sink

the busyness

forcing us to interact as

business partners


lazy saturday afternoon

the house is empty, quiet

except for the not so gentle snoring

of the dog we affectionately

call “darth jagger”

who can never bear

to be parted from you

his beloved alpha


this is when we

slip out of time

slip out of space

slip out of  heavy

grown up roles

thrust onto us by the world

and the relentless marching

of time


it is in these weightless

formless hours

my head upon your shoulder

my hand resting gently

on your heart

your warm skin

pressed against

my warm skin

that I am most grounded


we are liquid warmth

quiet breath

our inhales

and exhales gradually


floating thoughts

thin line between

dozing and waking


i love the joining

of our bodies

in rising tide

but it is in this sacred

space of after

where the true meaning

of intimacy

reveals itself


a featherbed

of trust


sensuous pleasure


welcome comfort

from a world

that increasing is chaotic


reshaping itself at

light speed

into something I no longer recognize


i am so grateful

that you welcome me

time and time again

into the circle

of your embrace

and offer me

this escape

this haven

for these precious hours

where we are renewed


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved









Saturday Afternoon Poetry

bare skin glides against my rough edges

like warm sand you buff my contours smooth

mouth tracing the trail of my vertebrae

you become cartographer of my ridges and valleys

before breathing electricity along my spine

bold fingertips find the places I ache

work me like clay

patiently loosen the knots

I have tied myself into

until I exhale the pain

the tension

into your kiss

your palms

become silk flowing through your arms

sighs against your neck

arching into your body’s poetry

until we are a tangle of arms and legs

against damp sheets

consciousnesses floating free

no longer bound by time and frail flesh


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Broken Angel

His broken halo

still gleamed dull gold

His haunted eyes

kaleidoscope of

all that he had seen

I could taste the loss

in his tears

the weariness written on his skin

like ancient runes

but there was hope in his kiss

that made me wonder

if I could be his salvation

at least for this one broken night


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

When I am Small



half pain

half numb

compressed in on myself

until I am hard light

Cocooned in the strait jacket

I spun

Will you enfold me

in strong arms?

Draw me up

into your body’s warmth?

Remind me how to breathe?

Guide my muscles

my bones

back into the shape

of a woman?


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

The Calculation of Light Years

The distance between us

is not easily calculated using miles or kilometers

or fathoms or light years

this distance

is a living, breathing, mutable thing

shifting between us


Sometimes you are as remote as the furthest, most self-possessed star

still visible with my humble telescope

at others, we are only divided from the warmth of each other’s hearts

by the width of a thin sheet of paper

the dot of a pencil


We seem to move not only through space but time itself

Did our molecules vibrate at the same frequency in previous lifetimes?

Were we bosom friends, lovers, siblings, parent and child?

Are we meant to meet again in a future life in new roles?

Hold new meaning in each other’s lives?


Or are we always destined

to be slightly out of sync from each other

phasing in and out of each other’s orbits

never able to exchange a kiss on the cheek

a heartfelt hug?

Exchange a face to face intense conversation over a cup of coffee and a scone?


My mind is a fanciful creature that tends to contemplate

the many imponderables of my life in my sleepless hours

when stillness and silence permeate my immediate surrounding

such as the distance between us


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

The Shaping of Clay

There are days

and nights

where the only thing keeping me

from sliding completely

into the abyss

from dissolving

into something



is your skin

against my skin

your mouth

against my mouth

Grounding me

Calling me home


When the knowledge

of where I begin

and end

starts to slip away from me

your body remembers

who I am

Your hands



the shape of me

The essence of me

The essence of us

How we fit together


It is fortunate for me

during this long darkness

that you are here

to guide me back

to where we live

To remake me

piece by

fragmented piece

when I have lost

the shape of myself

And that you have been

willing to do this

over and over again


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved