Manic Monday

Can you run your hands

over my bare back?

Tangle your fingers

in my hair?

Draw me into your arms

make me liquid

Help me get me lost

in your kiss

I need the world

to fade away

for just a few hours more this

manic Monday

Let’s get lost in silk skin

entwined limbs

warm mouths

arch into each other under the covers

let go of self

in that place where time has no meaning

and I have no boundaries

no limitations


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

When Darkness Falls

Darkness has settled in

surrounds me

The cold outside our four snug walls

frosts our windows

turns snow into a hard, white crust

The day has been long my love

I have been doing battle with the world today

I have been doing battle with myself


My body is bone-tired

My heart aches

My soul is weary

exhausted tears are a heartbeat away

Will you hold me close to your chest

Lend me your strength?

Cup my face tenderly

before kissing my forehead, my lips?


May I lay on your broad shoulder, clasped in your arms

while you whisper me a goodnight story?

Can you sing me a love song

written just for me?

Will you remind me that you are mine

and I am yours

that when we are together we are always home?


Can you gently remind me

that I am a woman worthy of your poetry?

Worthy of your love?

Until I am able to still my mind and drift off

into peaceful slumber under your watchful gaze. . .


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Reunion (Revisited)

Time slows down

the moment we touch

rest of the world

drifts away

There is only

remembering you

remembering us together


I see now that the memories

haunting me in the middle of the night

these long weeks apart

were just ghostly

pallid things


You are here now

and you are technicolor

to my starved eyes

Familiar smell

of your warm skin

intoxicating as I press

my nose gratefully

to your neck


Feel of your

bare skin

under my palms

against my mouth

pressed against me

both homecoming

and wonder of exploration


For every detail I have remembered

I discover forgotten nuance

memory had softened the edges

of what it feels like to mold ourselves

to each other


We have always been each other’s

missing jigsaw pieces

Most fully whole in connection of our





You sleep peacefully beside me now

Lines and tension in your face

smoothed away

There is a vulnerability

an openness to you

lying next to me


I lay my head gently

carefully on your shoulder

You wrap strong arms

around me

sleepily nuzzle my hair

murmur words of love

of missing me

of missing us

remind me drowsily

that we have always been 

home to each other

Finally I feel

at peace


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

In The Silence (Revisited)

There is fullness

an eloquence

to the space between your words

I am a woman who listens

attentively to silence

who understands intuitively

that certain essential truth

lies poignantly

not in the busyness

of what is articulated

but in still quiet

of words unsaid


There is meaning

to your pauses


radiating in your eyes

I try to respect your silence

speak to you

in this mother tongue

gentle, tentative

touch of my hand

on your face

the way I close my eyes

when you caress me

I speak this silence to you

with breath of my lips

against yours

It whispers in the beat

of my heart

barely audible

as our souls

brush by each other

let us dwell

in this quiet, sacred space


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Curves and Edges

I want

you to learn me with hungry palms

nimble fingers that slowly undo




until fabric falls away

into silken puddles

at my feet


I want

you to learn me with passion’s kiss

gentle nips

velvet tongue that whispers poetry

into my ear

into my breath

into my waiting mouth


I want

you to learn me with your enveloping warmth

until your body intimately knows

every texture

of my skin

caresses the terrain

of my curves

my edges


my liquid secrets

and the sound of your name

on my lips


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Everyday Poetry

Poetry exists

in small perfect moments

sun warmed hair

sea breeze tickling skin

toes planted in sand

gentle crash of surf

smell of beach plums and salt


Silver glow of moonlight

cool cotton sheets

embracing warm skin

head on bare shoulder

beat of your heart

rise and fall of your breathing

as we float in night’s gentle arms


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


My quiet stretches out

like a web of shadow

words unsaid

black diamonds

that glitter on delicate strands of moonlight

that shine through frosted windows


I kneel



in the shade cast by candle flame

I am undone

brought low


I have no language

to express need

no words

to beg for comfort

only silent tears

averted eyes

aching heart

weary head

clenched fists

to hide the shaking


Have you learned me


to understand

that tonight

the first move in yours to make

that you must be the strong one?


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Dangerous Woman (Revisited)

I am no girl

I am a woman

Darkness entwined

With light



On my own

Willing to share myself

With you


When it suits me


I will meet your gaze




But you will sense

A faraway look

In my eyes

Where constellations dance

And oceans swell


I dance alone

In moonlight

Music thrums in my veins

Eyes closed

Arms moving sinuously

My hips sway

Lost in the beat

You may join me

If you wish

But I lead


I am deep


Red wine

Taste of blackberry


On my lips

Leave you wanting


Always more

You will not soon

Forget my kiss


Or the touch

Of my hand

Lazily caressing

Your skin

My agile fingers

Entwined in your hair

Drawing you closer

My lips

At your throat

Your body will whisper

Its secrets to me


I will be

The taste

Your mouth


To crave

The aroma of



Clary Sage

That lingers

On your sheets

Ghost of a touch

Down your spine

The memory

That makes you

Bite your lip



I go


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved