Literally literal/Saucebox


Meet Saucebox. This “literally” had me laughing out loud at my computer this morning.

Sauce Box

Literally:adverb.In a literal manner or sense; exactly. Used to emphasize the truth and accuracy of a statement or description.

That is the definition if the word “literally” from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. That is what I’ve been led to believe is the true meaning of the word, and that is how I’ve used the word myentire life. However, there is alsoanother definition now.

Literally: adverb. Used in an exaggerated way to emphasize a statement or description that is not literally true or possible.

Dude, seriously? They use the word correctly in the totally incorrect definition. How confusing is that. So if it’s “not literally true”, does that mean it’s not true, or that it’s actually kind of true?Doesn’t this defeat the whole purpose of the word “literally”? Idon’t even know what I’m saying. My head hurts. This is literally like a literal Inception, literally.

Why can’t the people who…

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