Sharp- A Weyward Sisters Collaboration

I am playing with knives again sharpening them lovingly against brown leather strap admiring the way hair splits cleanly upon the well-honed edge (Christine E. Ray) Listen! Sounds like a violin– fine strings ‘gainst steel bow I play concerto splitting hairs (Kindra M. Austin) I’m trimming those frayed ends sharpening those pointy convictions giving them … Continue reading Sharp- A Weyward Sisters Collaboration

Indie Blu(e) Publishing Partners with The Kali Project

The Kali Project was conceived by indie writers and editors Candice Louisa Daquin and Megha Sood. A dear friend starting a feminist micro press was intrigued and suggested that The Kali Project serve as their inaugural publication. Everyone involved has been deeply moved by the support and enthusiasm the project has received, as well as … Continue reading Indie Blu(e) Publishing Partners with The Kali Project