Gossamer Wings (revisited)

You spin words into phrases

like silk thread




You weave them into

a gossamer shawl

breathtaking to behold





with unexpected

body and strength


I long to wrap myself

in the cloth

of your words

cocoon myself inside


White mulberry leaves


shall sustain me

as I metamorphize


I will emerge


by your heartbreakingly




Luna moth



Ready for flight

I shall glide

toward your moon


in your silvery light

Harvest of Stars

She is the humble handmaiden

of the goddess of the moon


She who bathes the night

and all that dwell in the darkness

in her silver-white radiance

which eats the deepest

slithering dark

that brings heart-thudding



and mortal peril

to her beloved children

Her acolyte

who might have had

another name once

now long forgotten

is simply called Poetess

She loves and worships

her goddess fiercely

does her goddess proud

Maintains the old ways

walks the hidden paths

writes the sacred truths

bringing healing to Luna’s

special ones

the humans and

other creatures that

only emerge

when the sun has set

Luna hums in pleasure and delight

when Poetess’ careful labors

yield the first harvest of stars

that fall gently into

Poetess’ cupped hands

like snowflakes

like crystal tears

studding the inky canvas

of the midnight sky


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


Night Music

Will you dance with me

in this silvery pool

of moonlight

that falls across

your face

like a watered silk?

Will you clasp my hand

hold it as delicately

but firmly

as though it is my beating heart?

Wrap your arm

around my body

let your warmth

become my warmth

your breath become

my breath

soft against bare skin

Listen to the night music



fill us with ache


as we sway together

in these steps

of remembrance

this onyx night. . .


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Drawing Down the Moon

Bare alabaster arms raised to the heavens

I sing the ancient songs to the endless night

I draw down the moon from the velvet

Cradle her in my arms like a babe

Bathe in her icy luminescence

Draw it deep into my body

Until my skin is translucent

Cool to the touch

I am filled with the light

Of a thousand stars

And the wolves howl

To the empty sky


You contain the fire of the sun

Golden and crimson

It slips through your veins

Ripples beneath your skin

Dances in your eyes

Amber that holds my image fixed

We are holy, consecrated

Equals worthy of each other

Performing an ancient rite

That cleanses the earth

And ignites the night

Contemplating the Size and Nature of the Human Heart

Is my heart

the size of a grape

that you pop absently into your mouth

a brief burst of sweetness

before realizing that you are still ravenous?

Is my heart

a peach

that you savor

juices running down your chin

tasting warmth and sunshine?

Perhaps my heart

is a snow globe

full of delicate iridescent particles

that land on your eye lashes

your skin

when it is brought to life

by your hands

I fear that my heart

is the moon

full of cold silver light

mysterious and ancient

too large to hold in your arms

always just a little out of reach


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Bright/Corin Kelly

It is my honor to introduce Corin Kelly, a very talented young poet .

The smell of rosemary
Rubbed on my wrists and on my neck,
My brother, climbing tiny trees,
A shock of blonde hair
With a face like the sun
And eyes full of awe

The color blue,
The long nights
Of staring at the ceiling
Asking, “who will i be? Why am I here?”
And kissing the answer goodbye,
My face like the moon,
Imagining the sky

The sound of drums,
As the future creeps closer
Packed tightly in a circle
With giant grins
And quiet words
Whispering, “Im glad you’re alive.”
With faces like stars,
Our lives are bright.


Image courtesy of Romy’s Stuff, Deviant Art

Running with the Wolves (revisited)




Shines on skin


Frost crunches

Under bare feet

Breath a vaporous cloud

Visible in the chill night air

I do not feel the cold

Shiver only from the thrill


Mournful cry

Of my brothers and sisters

In the still night

Calls to me

Sings of adventures

To be shared

Pulses in my veins

Awakens the hunter

Lures me to the pack


I give up

My fear

My humanity


I offer


Red blood

Burning passion

That smolders deep


I embrace

The night

Heady freedom




I am running with the wolves tonight


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


Diving Deep and Surfacing

You are swift moving water

traveling through dense forest

I am the moon

cool and remote

my silver light

glittering upon your surface

where I see myself reflected

I am almost beautiful

As you flow over rocks and logs

rush over cliffs

become a waterfall

you sing me a song

of longing


until recklessly into your depths

I plunge


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

I Am

I am

Fragments of poetry

Wisps of dreams

Drifting musical notes

Memories captured in amber

Metal Dragons

Origami Cranes

Blood orange kisses

Words of strength

Etched in ink on skin


Poet’s soul

Woman’s heart

Lover’s passion

Witch’s spirit

Shield Maiden’s battle cry

Pieces of me, all


I drink the moon

Hear my own music in my veins

Listen to all the women I am

Who demand to be

Made visible

Made whole


Who tell me that I am

Done apologizing

Done containing

My darkness

My fierceness

My light

To make others comfortable


I am

Done whispering


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved