The Heart of Winter – Christine E. Ray

my heart a block of sculptured ice buried deep behind steel ribs hung with icicles offering dagger-sharp protection an arctic palace of empty chambers where glacial winds flash freeze unwanted feelings blow them deep into dungeons blood is crystallized in frozen nitrogen veins heartbeat slowed like a wound down pocket watch my dreams haunted nightly … Continue reading The Heart of Winter – Christine E. Ray

Turn the Night On- Christine E. Ray & Stephen Fuller

Won’t you stay,My love? Outside snow falls steadyGusted by north windTapping at our windowInside these wallsA fire burns SoftlySo softlySpread yourRaven hairUpon my pillow GentlySo gentlyWe will unfoldOur layersLike origami flowers Reveal theTreasure at the coreOffer it like pearlsThat dissolveOn our tongues Won’t you stay my love?turn the night onnow Won’t you stay my love?Turn … Continue reading Turn the Night On- Christine E. Ray & Stephen Fuller

The Cubic Weight of Sadness

sadness covered her a blanket of thick wet snow yardstick-deep melancholy weighed her to the ground masked her eyes filled her nose her mouth deadening her senses suffocating her mere feet from the warmth safety of the open door Photo Credit: Peter Szto, PhD © 2016 Revised 2020 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved