words some days my savior some days my hell dissolve into fragmented syllables and lonely letters that I cannot reassemble back into meaningful wholes I tell myself I will grow accustomed to this silence these padded walls © 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


A response poem to Davy D's question What Is Poetry? on the Go Dog Go Cafe it is a stir an ache rising from my core growing in urgency pushing to my surface gasping hungrily for air sitting impatiently on my tongue black pearl ruby tear-shaped diamond waiting for hand to grasp pen fingers to … Continue reading Poetry

My Truth

Dedicated to Nicole Lyons and to all writers who have had their works plagiarized my words my blood my bones my tears my pain my joy my heart my soul you may steal my words borrow my sentences appropriate my verse but my fingerprints have marked them they are woven like strands of my DNA … Continue reading My Truth