About the Author: Christine Ray

13095885_10207187813148235_5547583456931520528_nI am rediscovering myself in my early 50s after being defined primarily by my many roles including wife, mother and employee for the last 19 years. By day, I am the associate director of a neurodegenerative disease research center at a major university. By night and weekends, I am an aspiring badass, writer, artist, and social justice warrior.

You can also find me wearing the hats of collective member and managing editor at the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective,  Secret First Draft and Whisper and The Roar

I refuse to be invisible. I honor my voice. I write because I have to.




36 thoughts on “About the Author: Christine Ray

  1. Dear Christine, I found your blog through Rob’s reblog and will be sounding it out again. Your angry and truthful words hit to the core.
    Has anyone ever told you that you are a beautiful woman? a beautiful person? for you are. I didn’t hear those words until i was 68 and they blew me away. Guess what, they’re true.
    Thank you for sharing with us all. You make a difference-a good one.

    Angel in the dust

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    1. Holly- Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out and send me this lovely note. When I started writing it was really because I couldn’t not write– I felt so passionately about what I was writing about that I could not be silent. It took me a long time to be brave enough, bold enough to even consider the blog and the possibility that my words might resonate for other people. Your feedback reminds me why I am so grateful that I took that first step. Thank you for seeing the neauty in me and for letting me see your beautiful shining light. Stop by often– I apparently still have a lot to say!
      Peace and light,

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      1. I have this need to write as well, since I was a young mother at age 23!!! Fifty years later, I have three grown, beautiful, productive daughters, who created and gave me 7 marvelous grandchildren, who are also productive, in the work force, college, sports/sports training, writing, and social studies. To say I am one grateful, proud Mom/MumMum is putting it mildly!!!
        Life has given me many challenges which in turn have given me much strength and wanting to speak up, “Silent No More”; a Warrior for Issues such as, Type I Diabetes (2 grandchildren affected since age 5 and 9); Chronic-mylo-monocytic Leukemia which took the life of my precious Michael at age 4 years old (said to be a type of cancer adults generally get); and most of all, my recent involvement in the Pro Life movement, which came about after much therapy and healing; 8 years after the birth of my beautiful daughters, I made a tragic decision during a very threatening time in my marriage of 12 years. This tragic decision was the impetus of my going into therapy, getting a Master’s Degree in Family Therapy, and putting God as the main support in my life, all in an attempt to figure out who I truly am and what my purpose is in this life. Yes, I have much to say and want to give to others that they can understand themselves and heal as well. God Bless Hannah Barbara


  2. Like Holly I found your blog through Rob and really liked what you wrote. I like your about as well. It seems to be just a sneak peek into what is surely a very interesting world. I look forward to reading more so will follow you although my reading is very irregular these weeks.
    Keep shining!

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    1. That is so lovely of you Jenn but I have actually been nominated for this award recently. I did have my two blogging awards up on my site but when I changed the template they disappeared. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I love your blog and am so glad we met here.

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  3. I love your blog — and I just discovered it today (thanks, http://discover.wordpress.com 😉 ).

    I am planning to feature your work on some of “my own” sites — and of course “my own” needs to be in quotes, as the entire Internet is OURS! 😀 (Hat tip to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Lionni 🙂 cf. his “It’s Mine!”).

    There is a weird fixation on the idea that contents and authors are individuals — but “in fact” we are always simply riffing on each other’s ideas. Hypertext wraps around all over, just like karma.

    I find it ironic that you posted “Advice for New WordPress Bloggers” on a portion of the web which goes by the name braveandrecklessblog.com — LOL!!

    You make me smile — please: KEEP IT UP!

    (ps: send me an email or whatever and then I’ll send you links I’ve “made” to this place 😉 )

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      1. I know You can’t say no at work but sometimes You have to protect Yourself and your time? Glad Your time is going to free up a bit! Oh? I like that – “picking up the pieces of my creative life”!! Are you going to put it back together as a mosaic?? Hope You have a great week!


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