You say my name


A prayer

A benediction

It is a revelation

As if I have never heard

My name before

Never known

Its cadence, its music

Its true meaning

Until this moment

You show me

That my name

The sound of it

On your breath

Has become

Etched on your soul

Carved on your heart

Has become the lines

On your palm

Is inked on your skin

In dye that only

Shines true

In moonlight

If I take your hand

If our lips meet

Will I taste the


You see in me

That I cannot see

In myself?

Will I finally taste

Honey and crisp apples

Instead of the

Salty taste of my tears?

Poets Speak: Christine

Big thank you to Rob of Just Ruminating for featuring my spoken word pieces today.

Just Ruminating

wp-1483485126916.jpgWelcome to Poets Speak. A feature dedicated to poets performing their poetry in an audio medium. I simply LOVE that we can hear our poets bringing their poetry alive!

I have also created a brand new soundcloud account for justruminating. Here I will be posting all the Poet SpeaksPoets, as well as meditation audio, chillout ambient audio and who knows what else. Check it out HERE, and be sure to follow!

If you would like your readings to be included, simply visit the new Poets Speak Page, and fill in the submission form.

Here are six from one of our own bloggers Christina of braveandrecklessblog.

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Spoken Word: Clint Smith/Why we shouldn’t forget that U.S. presidents owned slaves

PBS’s Brief But Spectacular series is just that:  amazing portraits of interesting and diverse American voices presented in less than five minutes. They invited poet, educator and Harvard doctoral student Clint Smith to record a piece for Black History Month.  His response to this invitation is awe-inspiring, thought-provoking, raw and rings with truth. If you watch nothing else today, watch this.



Spoken Word: Poet’s Love Song

I am a pretty harsh critic of my own writing and spoken word pieces.  However, I think my favorite poem that I have ever written might be Poet’s Love Song.  This is dedicated to all the amazing poets and writers that I have met here on WordPress and on Facebook.  You have opened to new worlds to me, offered me support and friendship and I believe that you do not get to hear words like this nearly enough.

I see you.  And you are beautiful!

I see you

Yes, you poet

You who lives

Behind the misty veil

Dwelling in the border

Between this world

And a hundred other

Shadow worlds


I see you


I see those ink-stained


That hold your pen

Like a lover

That fly across the keyboard

In a torrent

Before stopping, hesitating


For the flow of words to resume


I see the permanent rings

Countless cups of coffee

Have left on your writing table

The chip in your favorite mug

I see the frayed fabric

On your cuffs

Of your favorite writing shirt

The fabric worn thin at your elbows


I see those mesmerizing eyes

That seem to simultaneously

Be looking through me

Straight into my soul

While studying the cosmos

And gazing inward

All at the same time

I see the contradictions you are

Your eyes are haunting

Full of knowing

Full of pain

Full of longing


I see the dark smudges

Under your otherworldly eyes

Reminders that poets

Are night dwellers


Who haunt the still hours

Who understand the depth

The texture of darkness

Who can capture the qualities

The acoustics of silence


I see the way

That words spill out of

Your sensuous mouth

Like pearls, like diamonds

Beautiful treasures

Embedded with your tears

Your sweat, your blood


Yes poet

I see you

You who makes me fall

In love with language

Over and over

Whose words

Stab me in the heart

Punch me in the gut

Jangle my nerves

Bathe me in your radiance

Soothe my weary soul

Take me on a journey

I didn’t even know

I wanted to go on


And you are beautiful

Spoken Word: Wonder Woman

I created a spoken word version of Wonder Woman that I am kind of in love with.  Unlike my usual SoundCloud Recordings (which I think could be helpful if you are insomnic) I had a lot of fun recording this.  I hope you enjoy this version of my humorous, feminist call to action.  Closest thing to sitting down and having a cup of coffee with me.

The world needs me to be

Wonder Woman right now

But I keep thinking

That her outfit is ridiculous

I appreciate freedom of movement

As much as the next girl

And get the whole

Aerodynamics thing

But really!?


I like my ass covered

And can we talk about those heels?!

Give me a sturdy pair of Doc Martins

I need a costume

That is durable

Tumble dry low

And has pockets

Lots of pockets

Because who can fight like that

With a purse slung around their neck?


I do like the whip though


All that red. white and blue

Seems awfully conspicuous

And that gold lame?

Completely impractical

Unless I am trying to dazzle my enemies

I also think those wrist gauntlets

Could be bigger and cooler

Maybe Q could trick them out


The world needs me to be

Wonder Woman right now

But this depression

Is really kicking my ass

What do the other

Superheroes do

When it’s hard to get out of bed

In the morning?

“Oh sorry, can’t save the world today”!?


Batman could definitely

Use an SSRI and some therapy

Maybe 6 to 10 sessions of CBT

Would do the trick

Superman is a little

Too perfect for me

Maybe he has a personality disorder

Do you think there is a support group

For superheroes having

Existential crisis?

Maybe I can run with Iron Man

I like his snark and he has cool toys


The world needs me to be

Wonder Woman right now

I wish I felt more up to the task

Time to put on my big girl pants

(The ones with all pockets)

Take a deep breath

And get over myself

Maybe put out the call for

The other badass women out there

To grab their whips

And their invisible planes

There is humanity to save