Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Sarah Doughty/Scythe

The night was black, void of all stars, and not even the glow of the moon cut through it like a blue-tipped blade, devouring that obsidian nothingness like it’s next meal. That silence, where only my thoughts, breaths, and beating heart kept me company, wasn’t enough to tame that lingering sense of desperation. It ate away at me. Each second feeling like hours, and hours feeling like days, until I’d lost all sense of time. I’d never felt more alone. But after what felt like an eternity of nothing, when the last of my sanity began to slip away, the clouds parted, revealing the moon. It shone like a beacon in the abyss, and at long last, I was no longer alone.

© Sarah Doughty  2017

Sarah Doughty is the tingling wonder-voice behind Heartstring Eulogies. She’s also the author of The Silence Between Moonbeams, her poetry chapbook, and the acclaimed novels and novellas of the Earthen Witch Universe. Good news, they’re all offered for free, right here! To learn more about how awesome Sarah is, check out her website, stalk her on Goodreads, or both.

Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Kimberly Block

Has she ever told you the story about the night she learned to fly?
It was all she could do to keep running, keep her feet moving through the blades of wet grass and thick brush. Her thoughts were scattered as she felt her heart beating up and out of her throat, almost like a plea to keep her pretty little mouth closed. No shoes, no pants, and a ripped shirt frantically making their way through the thick, heavy, and chilly night. “What if he’s onto me? What if my scattered thoughts are leaving scented crumbs of fear behind? Oh God why is this happening? Why can’t I fly?” Then suddenly her feet left the ground, and her arms became wings. Her face felt the rush of the wind and the iciness of its sting. Her cheeks were being brushed with cold patches of clouds as she soared through the night’s sky, her heart no longer beating aloud. She flew, leaving the dirt of her feet, her soul, her pain behind. She felt like a bird, a wide winged super human sparrow, a heroine of her own life. Suddenly laser focused, target of home in her sights, the daring escape artist locked her eyes on the earth’s cratered nightlight. This is the heroes dream, the final fight, good versus evil, live or die. No more running, no more hiding, the brave child-woman was as fast as lightening. It was not the sun who came to her side, to swallow the perverse and wickedness of mankind. It was not the praised bright light in the sky, or happy rays of warmth and sunshine. Her frozen body trapped in time, her blood boiled her back to life. It was a blaze and a fire lit within the mind, that grew and grew until it was time to take flight. She was a fearless woman ascending like a Phoenix from the murky wet earth, ashes black as the eyes of sharks. This is the night her spirit soared. This is the night the moon ate the dark.

There is hope in the darkness. There are lessons in the pain. There is strength in weakness. And there is courage to be found in fear. Grow through it all.

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Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Aurora Phoenix/Dangerous Seduction

The dark calls

with many hungered tongues

its asymmetrical seduction

sweeps and keeps

me off my feet


Dark is a sensual vampire

summoning in a sublingual murmur

caressing abashed tresses

kissing with fangs hidden

until my neck is bared


Dark, the spellbinding wizard

mouths against my breast

in verses near liturgical

with sorcery of velvet

it unwinds my breath


Dark, a crafty conjurer

slips beneath my skin

beguiling inner opening

with falsity prophetic

it curls around my core


Dark, the deft magician

lures my parched soul

deftly eats defenses

I inhale deep infinity

trembling toward submission


Dark plays me, fiddle-like

tempts of little deaths

bridge bowed and back arched

I hover near oblivion

beyond its gaping maw


Moon arises silvery

softly wise and cool

illuminates dark’s perfidy

the end of sanity

bewitchment of sweet release


The dark wanted

to make love to me

it argued an enticing case

the moon swallowed delusions

helped me to tell it no

I spent over 2 decades as a clinical psychologist, as well as mother and partner. My world was decimated when I was suddenly incarcerated 2 and a half years ago. My writing was born in that caged existence – not a choice but a soul-saving necessity.  I write as Aurora Phoenix at Insights from “Inside”

Moon Ate the Dark: Rachel Finch

Earth Mother, heavy with stellar womb child, sky surrounds her, awaiting lucent celestial body. Stars weak with weight, each seeking lustre in shadows; planetary cry.

Mountains weep at the impact, nature is afraid. Earth colliding; Moon is born.

Cosmos wanderer, orb of the night, the wounds of Mother Earth, carried in his craters. Luminous, he aligns with Earth Goddess, Son to reflect, illuminate, recover.

Orbiting, he executes shadows, softens the grief of his Mother’s trauma, creates rebirth.

His gravitational pull, a calling, entrusted by universal bodies. His cold is her warmth; heir to all existence.

Gaia once abandoned, united now with astronomical future in her cycle. Fear no longer entraps her, light is her intimate, child of the universe, Moon, ate the dark.

Rachel is a writer that speaks from her soul, expressing her trauma and strength through her work. She lives with Mental Illness, refusing to let it define her and is mother to four courageous children. In her free time she volunteers to support people through their own experiences of Abuse, Mental Illness and Recovery at Bruised But Not Broken

You Were Meant to Know the Night Writing Prompt Challenge: Cherylene Nicholas

I can feel the warmth of the sun

Going for a run all over my body

Its brilliant light can be seen from left and right

Pushing all the darkness out of sight

I can feel the sun and with it comes the promise of never-ending fun

But this is an illusion

As the daylight soon passes

It’s the night’s turn to give his classes

For those of us who prefer the sun

The night signals an end to the fun

For its now time to rest and this goes for even the best

Sulking as we each retreat for the night

Back to our homes we return like drones

To our mother’s warm embrace

Insisting that we wash our faces

We must admit we enjoyed those races 🙂

Our stomachs full

It’s time for bed

As mother gently kisses our foreheads

She whispers, “You were meant to know the night.

For although you could play all day,

The night is just a gentle way

Of saying leave some fun for another day.

Sweet dreams.”

Cherylene Nicholas is a School Administrator and Teacher.  She created her very first blog where she writes poetry, health and wellness segments and enlightens her readers on other various topics.  She is focused on self-development and self-improvement and is not afraid of sharing some of the life lessons she has learnt along the way.  She is not afraid to try something new and keeps learning more and more about her talents every day.

November Notes 2017

Fun creative challenge from Sarah Doughty, Mah and Rosema for the month of November. I’ll be trying it, will you?

Heartstring Eulogies

Back by popular demand, the 2017 November Notes challenge is here!

Each day, during the month of November, write a poem inspired by that day’s corresponding song. Write what the sound makes you feel. How the lyrics move you. Anything that awakens your muse.

I’ve teamed up with the lovely Máh of @mah.writes and Rosema of @areadingwriter for this challenge, so be sure to follow them if you aren’t already. Use the #NovemberNotes tag and ping back to this post to make sure I don’t miss any of your pieces! Have fun!

I’ve added the list of songs below,
and I’ve included the image for easy reference
at the bottom of this post.
To listen to the songs on Spotify, click here.

1. The Night We Met – Lord Huron
2. New Rules – Dua Lipa
3. Wilderness – Jon Bryant
4. All the Pretty Girls  – Kaleo

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You Were Meant to Know the Night Writing Prompt Challenge: A.G. Diedericks

the due date for absolution

has long since passed


my victims have no vista

for this contrite soul


veiled underneath a mordant exterior


my demons levitate

every time i contemplate


that which can’t be rewritten


i circumvent


introspective forces

that hums my name


i stretch out the days

with the clamour of minutiae


immersed in abstract

to distract the path that lays ahead


for that which afflicts me, is patient


it stalks me in plain sight


it stays with me, through amnesia

and awaits my advent;


in the comfort

of my own bed


in my home;


where there’s no lights

and no prevarications


i lie face down

tied to the obstinate reality:


“You were meant to know the night”

A.G. Diedericks is a divergent poet with a distinctive voice. He resides in Cape Town, S.A and writes for Sudden Denouement Literary Collective.

You Were Meant to Know the Night Writing Prompt Challenge: Anarie Brady

She walks in the light with a smile on her face, a suit on her body, a book in her hand. Her eyes reflect her intelligence, her kindness, her willingness to assist others as her job requires. Strangers look at her and see a strong, professional woman. I look beneath this layer and see more.

At night she comes to me. She bares her body and her soul. The night frees her of her Librarian persona. She is unfettered from professionalism. She is free to let her heart lead her head.

Here, in the night, there is freedom within darkness.

Within darkness, there is awakening.

Within awakening, there is Power.

Within Power, there is release.

This she does. She release all of her shields, her barriers, her defenses and becomes her primal self. She was meant to know the night, to know a gentle but firm hand, to know freedom and awakening and power and release. She is, in fact, the beauty of the Night.

I was first published in 2008 and now have 7 books and 5 short stories available in e-print, several as traditional print, all of which are available at reliable online bookstores I live a quiet life with my husband, have 2 grown sons, and a chinchilla named Krampus. I’ve been invovled in the BDSM lifestyle ofr over 30 years and have seen the good, the bad, the ugly, the passionate, the healing, and the comfort of it.

Blog:  Anarie Brady

You Were Meant to Know the Night Writing Prompt Challenge: One with the Night/Kristen

“You were meant to know the night,” she whispered into my ear. Her hold strengthened with inhuman force as she braced me against her body; steadying me for what was about to come. I had long since given up the struggle against this exquisite creature. The power she held over me was unrelenting.

The edge of time seemed to be nearing at a quickening pace, the unyielding hunger in her eyes expressing her desire. Tracing their way my chest to my throat, her icy fingertips lingered for a moment over the gently palpitating skin. I knew that she could feel my pulse quicken as the seconds dragged on.

Paralyzed from fear of the unknown, I waited for an eternity. She had forewarned of the indescribable pain would soon consume me as I take my last breath and awaken a nocturnal animal; forever destined to lurk in the shadows.

Her scent, a mixture of lavender and vanilla, filled my nostrils and in that moment any lingering uncertainties faded away. She could feel my heart slowing to a normal rhythm. Without any further warning, she lunged to my flesh and dug her fangs into my skin. As she began to drink the warm liquid out of my body, an overwhelming burning took over my being. Starting at my wound, it snaked its way through me. The feeling so intense I couldn’t writhe against it. I lay there silently pleading for the end to come.

It seemed like the torture would never stop, but without warning the burning was replaced with an intense cold as she pulled away. She wiped a drop of blood from her lip as she spoke. “You’ll get used to it. Soon, you won’t even remember what it was like to be warm.” She smiled her brilliant smile at me before bringing her own arm to her mouth. Without flinching she bit down, blood beginning to trickle down her pale skin.

“Here, drink.” She sat next to me and let me suckle from the laceration. I hadn’t realized how thirsty I was, and the taste of her lifeblood on my tongue was both delicious and exotic; the taste of lavender and vanilla filling my mouth. It felt like I could drink from her forever, but she pulled away before I was satisfied. “Now we hunt,” she stated, grabbing her shoes from the floor and walking to the door. “I’ll wait for you outside. Just don’t make me wait long.”

Following her orders, I slowly sat up on the bed while paying careful attention to the different reactions of my muscles and senses; every reaction new, every noise amplified. Making sure not to move too quickly I found myself staring into the mirror and couldn’t turn away from my reflection. My normally tan skin was now so white it was almost translucent, my eyes had been blue but were now a shade of black and red. Opening my mouth, fangs stood out immediately. There was no way that I could pass as human ever again. Now, I will only know others like me, the ones who feed on humans as prey. This will be the only life I will know for the rest of eternity, and even though the thought was a bit frightening the adventure that awaited held endless possibilities. I can’t wait to know the night.

My name is Kristen and I blog at It Happened While Writing. I love to write fiction, but have recently branched out into poetry. Being able to share my work with others has always been a lifetime goal of mine, and I am currently working to become a published author.