Autumnblings – Annette Kalandros

I have heard praises of all this autumnbling

Yes, it is a feast of color, true.

Yet, it seems this forest floor

Littered with the wings

Of carrion crows

Feasting upon the death

Of summer and spring,

Of all things gold and green.

I have always detested autumn

And everything it brings.

Longer nights, cold and wind,

The death of all the things green—

Yes, I know unless it be blessed

To be evergreen—

But all things human must seek shelter

Against the coming winter’s cold pain—

Imprisonment by cold

Is what the colors of autumn

Have always foretold—

No gems, no bling, do they hold.

I would rather swelter in the freedom

Granted by summer’s gift of gold.

Photo by Niklas Veenhuis on Unsplash

Annette Kalandros, a retired teacher, residing in Houston, TX with two French Bulldogs, writes to make sense of things—life, the world, the inner workings of her own mind and soul.  In addition, she had been active in the LGBTQ community since was four years old and marched her Ken doll with all his little Ken accouterments to the big metal trash can in the yard. Her two Barbie dolls lived happily ever after. Her work has been included in the anthology, As The World Burns.

You can read more of her write at Hearing The Mermaids Sing

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