The Daily Song: Sick of Losing Soulmates Dodie Clark (New Video)

I can't quite explain why, but I just love Dodie Clark's Sick of of Losing Soulmates.  It has an awkward, geeky charm that really appeals to me.  It is also has a surprising emotional depth.  Her new video for this is heartbreaking and lovely and reminds me a lot of my teens and twenties. Sick … Continue reading The Daily Song: Sick of Losing Soulmates Dodie Clark (New Video)


you are liquid warmth on long frosty nights you are soft whisper in a world that shouts you are gentle touch in a room of sharp corners biting edges you are jewel tones in sterile stark spaces you are embracing acceptance at the end of the longest day when the world has done its best … Continue reading Shelter

Cafe Shorts 2

We breathe our words off the page release them tentatively into coffee scented air where they ripple past receptive ears gently embrace souls with the knowledge that they are no longer alone 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved   Originally posted at the Go Dog Go Cafe