Subterranean Novellas – Aurora Phoenix

Aurora Phoenix on Sudden Denouement, showing what a fierce force she is!

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

he is sleeping
fetally curled
as the narrow bench allows
hairily bedraggled
a forlorn green bean
hopelessly lost in a crisper corner.
insensible to the hubbub
lurch oblivious
sea legs unconscious.
his story has uncracked bindings
though I inescapably
draft this chapter
unimaginatively entitled
survival strategies for bitter blustery days

they wear their privilege
like their pancake
precisely overdone
accentuating blemishes
it purports to mask.
like spanx in overtime
containing wayward bulges
they convulse in paroxysms
suppressed schoolgirl giggles
as they selfie mock him –
these southern belles
similarly lionizing
life’s half century
in the city
that will never sleep

do I,
in the crushed velvet burnout
that is my poetic soul,
bear closer resemblance
to an urban misfit
escaping frigidity
cloaked in congealed
eau de shame
than I do
the pungently judging
glam squad clique
clicking and cackling
in cringe-worthy
mean girl couture?

I hope,
fervently as…

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Divergent-Iulia Halatz/Blog de companie

Blog de companie

“We’ve built a world where the only option is hubris. Where the future belongs to anyone willing to act like the gods of our myths.” – Seth Godin

When we strip away self-doubt and artifice we embrace the purity and freedom to feel and write as gods would do.
It is about running and battling with the beauty and the naïveté of the world at our side.
Freedom means courage…
Purity means courage…
Naïveté means courage…
Courage to strip away your soul and let it bloom before Spring is climbing up the trees.

Lately I have become part of a community that starts fires in a cold world, a community that grows blooming trees out of lackluster soil, that takes freedom, purity and courage to the other realm…There are many ways to say: “I love you”, many ways to say: “I am grieving”, many ways to say: “Thank you”.

I have…

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Subjective – Introducing Matthew D Eayre — A Global Divergent Literary Collective

These words have no meaning. A metaphor, perhaps, an impending ice age covering the landscape while I run from the freeze. A turn of phrase, it could be, I never wanted anything to stop my destruction, and she jumped on the grenade to save me. A rhyme, to mark the time, the wind brings…

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Introducing Allie Nelson – Addict — A Globe Divergent Literary Collective

Addict – Allie Nelson It’s evening, and we’re both drunk as stoned birds, and you look like a young Hannibal Lecter and stink of corpses and rotting roses. I’m in bandages and heels, I cut myself on your broken bottles again, maybe because I hate myself or maybe because I hate you and I want…

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Walk Away – Introducing Erich Michaels — A Global Divergent Literary Collective

Walk away – Erich Michaels Maybe he was conditioned to walk away Perhaps he sensed its coming Lowering himself into the blocks When she said it was over That was the starter pistol’s report Off he went Maybe he witnessed the maternal bond Who was he to try and fuck with that? As much as…

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Introducing lulia Halatz – What can I give you?

Meet lulia Halatz, new member of Sudden Denouement

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

16e5f77938f8c2ff68fe6d71ac59ca7bWhat can I give you? lulia Halatz

What can I give you? I am the blue
as imagined by a blind
and the roots of knowledge
as watered by a scholar.

I am the yellow
wind and the mauve
respond of light
in the ubiquitous trees
tethered in the clouds
that barely scratch
the sky.

I am the green
storm and colorless waves
that wished upon a mountain
to break water in tryst
with the sun.

Not by blindness
we can reorder colors
but by the painting of a soul
in a moment tender
as the liquid moon
is quivering above the forest.

[lulia Halatz describes herself as one who is in love with words. She states, “I write stories about dreams and goals, failure and foible, fallacy and reality, blossoming and withering. About the spears from life that make me glint. I am a teacher of English by…

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Ivory Brushed with Starlight

This piece was originally published by the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

are you angel or demon

man with ivory wings

brushed with starlight

and indigo eyes?

you are still


but your ancient eyes say

that you have seen the color

of my soul

have studied it contours


your nostrils flair slightly

scenting my blood in the air

you see the crisscrosses

carved deep on my palms

at your knowing look

the knife in my hand drops

from suddenly nerveless fingers

blood wells from the cuts

dripping to the ground

consecrating the earth

you gently capture my wrists

cup my hands in yours

as golden tears drop from your

otherworldly eyes

fall onto my damaged skin

transfixed I watch your sorrow

heal my wounds


you release my hands

to cup my face reverently

your kiss is honey and cardamom

i am filled with your light

and as your soul expands

to fill all my damaged places

i see the cosmos dance in my head

understand the mysteries of the oceans

feel the warmth of the sun

and in a flash of brilliant understanding

know that my humble heart

matters to you

and I am transformed


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

The Fermi Paradox Revisited – Henna Sjöblom

The amazing Henna Sjöblom on Sudden Denouement.

A Global Divergent Literary Collective



I had a panic attack in the street once.
I couldn’t go home, so
I just sat on the ground, screaming,
my makeup smeared all over my face, my nose blazing red like Rudolph the Reindeer’s, and the sounds erupting from my mouth were not some modest sniffles or erotic sighs, but hideous, wet gargles as of a jellyfish being dropped into a juice blender.


No one would look at me.
Everyone passed by in a hurry, acting as if I was a spot on their retina, a threat to the orderly society. The madness that lures behind the corner as we sit crouched in silence, pondering the significance of emphatic connection


Stuck on the wrong frequency
I adjust my vocal chords again
humming sweet nothings into the radio transmitter
A distress-call from a dying race


Knowledge of our ultimate uselessness
has been a splinter dug into my backbone, ticking…

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Blank Verse – David Lohrey

Cutting brilliance from David Lohrey on Sudden Denouement

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

th (1)

Blank Verse – David Lohrey

I’m asked to ignore too much…look the other way.
In fact, I should call my poems empty poems.
“Never-mind poetry,” that’d be a better name.
I’ll write poems about nothing. Poems that say
absolutely nothing but say it well. I’ll write poetry
that resemble Rothko’s paintings of voids, great hollow,
pulsating works of art, undulating existential blobs
from the bottom of the heart, written down but just
as easily forgotten.

Poems celebrating everything that’s good and wholesome,
that’ll be my racket. Easter eggs before they’re broken,
poems about Elvis as a matador printed on black velvet, with
HOME SWEET HOME embroidered in sequins and little
plastic pearls, with hymns to the Almighty. They’ll be called blank
verse and can be served with dessert toppings like apple sauce,
chocolate or maple syrup. Those would be apt subjects for a howdy-doody
poet like me. We’ll call them…

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