Voices in My Head

Another retrospective poetry piece from the early 1980’s .  My best guess is that I was 15 or 16 when this was written and it is a keen glimpse into where my head was at the time.


Handle with Care

Not to be treated roughly

Or else I’ll. . . BREAK!


Shattered pieces of me

Exploding, tumbling, lost. . .





All gone.





Gone. . .

Wave Goodbye.  Bye, bye.

All because of a moment’s carelessness.

You laughed at me!


All the King’s horses, all the

King’s men, won’t be able

To put me together again.

Not even super glue.


Don’t be sad,

Don’t be blue,

Frankenstein was ugly too!

I’m telling!  Just you see!

Mommy. . . !

Na naa, naa naa naa.




No, I’m serious, everything is fine


Would I kid you?

Of course not.

Or lie?

Everything is perfect.

Just perfect.

No problem.

No problem at all.


What?  A tear?!

Of course not!

Me? Cry? What for?

I NEVER cry.

I’m too happy.

Too secure.

Too strong.

Too fragile. . .


Where did that come from?

I didn’t mean that.

It’s not true. . . not true at all.

That’s weakness

And everyone knows that I am

Not weak. . .







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