Magic in Our Bones

There is magic

In our bones




Ancestral memories

Of a hundred lifetimes

Hum in our blood

You my pull-apart

The other half of my soul

That I am destined to seek

Lifetime after lifetime


There is magic

In our bones

Words of power

Woven in our marrow

We have invented new languages

Of love and longing

Across eras

Across continents

Will time be our friend this



There is magic

In our bones

You forest green

Me periwinkle

You pine and lemons

Me lavender and sea air

Your echo

Lives in my soul

The shape of you an absence

That aches


There is magic

In our bones

When we brush by each other

On a cold city street

The air becomes electric

As our energies collide

Recognition rings crystal

Like a bell

A spell is woven

Passions invoked

As we reach for each other



© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

12 thoughts on “Magic in Our Bones

  1. This one is truly beautiful Christine, I loved the way you used several metaphors to define the beauty, ecstasy and the electricity in a relationship one feel buzzing around them.Loved it.


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