The Name They Call Her

always said with venom
always intended to punish
“how dare you?!” it asked
insinuating that she was uppity
a ball breaker
to draw a circle around her body
loudly declare it ‘mine
was she 12 the first time
she was called bitch?
or was it 16
when she tired of boys
of men
acting like her body was theirs
to look at
comment on
hold down
tired of women
telling her to be
a ‘good’ sport
she was not a good sport
rage became a
that she learned to yield
much too often
on her own flesh

© 2017 Revised 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “The Name They Call Her

  1. This is amazing. I feel this rage but I am sad that it leads to cutting. If only people would see the pain, acknowledge it, and help us do something safe about it.

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