Wednesday’s Level UP Challenge, 2/19/20 and Tuesday’ Writing Prompt Challenge Round UP

Steve throws down the challenge gauntlet at the Go Dog Go Cafe.

Go Dog Go Café

Good morning Friends, Baristas, and regular guests here at the Go Dog Go Cafe, our weekly Level UP Challenge moves to a new day and time. As I mentioned last week, I am still sorting out how to make this work. Since Tuesday is the day Beth and Devereaux work the cafe bar with their Writing Prompt Challenge, I wanted to shift the Level UP to Wednesday in place of my “chat” which will move to Sundays.

I hope you had a chance to explore Beth’s challenge “dangerous thoughts” some great posts this week, 16 so far (two are in the comments, one from Patty and the other from Ian) follow the links through to these great posts down at the bottom of the page.

What is up with this weeks Level UP?

(BTW don’t forget to post them in the comments!!!)

Level ONE:

Incorporate two of…

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