Sharing Our Truths: Colours of my Mind – Billie the Human

The hues collide
For dominance
But my mind takes charge
By some above human will
The violence of engulfing black
Primordial screaming red
Sword sharp silver
Bludgeoning blister filled blue
Glorious gorefilled gold
Is replaced by softer gentler tones
The soft golden glow of the sodium light
Guiding my way through beer sodden streets
The soft rainbow of the poor pigeons neck
Blue purple green singing out from the pavement grey
The translucent mirage’s magnificence
Such extravagant hues
Shouts splendour, beauty and wonder
From the oil stained puddle
Oh opulent glory and honour
Stay away from me!
My mind will not be polluted by your colours
The colours of my mind
Are the transcendent tradewinds
That carry our lost souls of
Ragtag, ragamuffin, royalty
To freedom

My name is Billie. I’m an accidental activist for the right of people who are homeless and/or have mental health problems to be seen and treated as the capable, resourceful, intelligent human beings they are.

I’m long term homeless with so many forms of discrimination intersecting on me that I feel like a pin cushion.

I have allusions of being a writer and once I gain permanent housing I’ll be writing a book. Unfortunately I’m probably blacklisted from all forms of housing other than tents.

Poetry, flash fiction, nonfiction opinion peices with an evidence base behind them. I’m currently in Scotland and in a previous life worked in mental health sector.

If I can’t make it as a writer would love to be the mad cat lady in the house down the road.

You can read more of my writing at The Life and Times of Billie the Human

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