This Is What Love Looks Like

Deeply flattered to get a shout out for one of my pieces featured in this lovely review of Smitten


‘At its heart, this collection of writing is all about love, which we believe all readers can relate to and appreciate. Who among us has not fallen in or out of love, or longed for an unrequited love?’

So state the editors in the preface to

They are Candice Louisa Daquin and Hallelujah R. Huston.

There are so many very well written and insightful pieces in this anthology that I cannot mention them all. Examples will have to suffice.

The powerful impact and often sudden nature of sexual love is shown in ‘To Love Her’ by Jesica Nodarse and in ‘Out of the Blue’ by Emily Alice DeCicco.

The beautiful imagery displayed in Erin King’s ‘Dusk”, or ‘Your Hair Hangs Down’ from Charity M. Muse symbolises the beauty of love. The fear that often comes with committing wholeheartedly to another person is well tackled in ‘Bravery is doing it anyway’ by…

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