What Indie Blu(e) title should I Buy? – Candice Louisa Daquin

It was always our intention to publish collections that inspire, and people will keep for years and love. Socially conscious anthologies and poetry that rise above the ordinary and pierce subjects at their core.

If you don’t know much about Indie Blu(e) Publishing’s anthologies here’s a quick snap-shot of our collections and what they’re about. Please consider purchasing a copy to support small businesses who care passionately about bringing you titles the mainstream may otherwise ignore:

We Will Not Be Silenced. The launch of Indie Blu(e) Publishing produced this book. It was at our heart. For too long, survivors of sexual abuse and assault, have been ignored, judged, and vilified. We founded Indie Blu(e) in part to be a voice against this kind of erasure. We Will Not Be Silenced came out during the #metoo movement and contains an incredible collection of poets writing about their experiences. As hard as it may be at times to read this collection, it’s also ultimately redemptive and powerful. The voice of a survivor is proof we CAN survive.

SMITTEN This Is What Love Looks Like. Queer, Lesbian, bisexual, or just love women? This award-winning collection is for you. SMITTEN earned her stripes from the moment she published, garnering a huge following. Perhaps the sheer quality of writing in SMITTEN is key to her success or because she identifies a desire we all have, to consider love between women as something gorgeous, complicated and not spoken about enough. Want sumptuous poetry about love? This is your anthology. No wonder SMITTEN won Finalist at the National Indie Excellence Awards and continues to be an IB best seller! With famous lesbian poets and novices, the voices are tapestry for the soul.

As The World Burns. Angry at the way the world is going? Confused about Covid-19 and the shut-down? Hate racism? Angry at what’s going on for people of color and nothing changes? Frustrated at politics and literally thinking this might be the craziest period in history you can remember? As The World Burns galvanized an unforgettable team of writers and artists who roar with indignation! Want something that will boil your blood and remind you why caring matters in an increasingly apathetic world? We at IB try to move mountains, sometimes step by step. Our social conscience attempts to tap into what matters to all of us, enabling marginalized voices to speak loudly and proudly!

The Kali Project. Leading Indian female poets throughout the world come together in a giant collection of the best of Indian women’s writing. Poetry, prose, and gorgeous artwork combine for an unforgettable treat. Think you know Indian women? Think again. The Kali Project also placed Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards. We think it’s a blockbuster of a book for the sheer guts it takes to write about such subjects as abuse, surviving arranged marriages, racism, sexism, all those things we in the West may think we know but Indian women face every single day. This breaks boundaries and sets fire with the sheer talent of these writers who are unapologetic, fierce and intensely talented.

Through The Looking Glass – Reflecting on madness and chaos within. A robust coming together of poets, artists, and writers for an anthology on a much-ignored subject – mental health. If you’ve ever loved someone with a mental health struggle or experienced it yourself, you know how isolating such a diagnosis can be, despite how common it is. Like so many things, the stigma attached to mental health hasn’t gone away and it’s imperative to give this subject the voice it’s due. Incredible courage, insight, and pained beauty describe the writing in this collection. At once a book necessary for any practitioner or psychology student, this is a universal subject we could all benefit from knowing more about.

But You Don’t Look Sick – The real-life adventures of fibro bitches, lupus warriors, and other superheroes battling invisible illness. Don’t let the pithy title misdirect you, there’s nothing funny about chronic illness, especially when you’re told ‘you don’t look sick’ when you’re suffering! We chose an attention-grabbing cover and title to make a point – about the inequality in the health system and society at large, when considering illness. What it means and how it affects so many of us. Since IB was formed by three women who had to step down from other careers due to physical illness, this strikes at our core, as well as many we know in the writing community. Support those who despite their illness, continue to work fiercely to bring you the kind of unforgettable poetry and art you crave. With Pushcart-nominated authors we know But You Don’t Look Sick has found an indispensable place among those ‘must read’ books.

Finally … this is what we’ve managed so far at Indie Blu(e) to bring you by way of anthologies and we intend to keep breaking barriers with edgy, provocative, and necessary collections in 2022 and beyond. If poetry and art aren’t your thing we also want to mention whilst we have your attention, a little noir novella written by our very own Kindra Austin, called The Killing Holiday, also published this year. Fantastic intriguing title? You bet! And that’s just the beginning …

Love unpredictable, deftly written psychological thrillers? The Killing Holiday is all that and more. Indie Blu(e) is intensely proud of Kindra for her storytelling abilities and we’re convinced this novel has the stripes necessary to be a great. Consider picking up a copy – ideal for the holidays and guaranteed to thrill!

That’s it for now folks – watch this space! And please … your support of small publishers DOES make a difference. We’re so grateful and we thank you for considering Indie Blu(e) titles. Businesses like us stay afloat because of our communities support.

All Indie Blu(e) titles can be purchased on Book Depository / Bookshop.com / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / by ordering via Ingram at any independent book store or Target / Walmart and leading bookstores nationally and internationally. If you have a favorite independent bookstore, please ask them to stock IB titles, it helps them and us and promotes small publishers who help diversity thrive.

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