Exciting News from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

In preparation of the release of the Sudden Denouement Anthology Volume I, the editors of Sudden Denouement announce the launch of a stand-alone site for Sudden Denouement Publishing.  It is the place to get all the latest news about upcoming books from Sudden Denouement Publishing, check out currently available titles, read reviews of books published … Continue reading Exciting News from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

The Official Launch of Indie Blu(e)

Kindra Austin, Jimmi Campkin, Stephen Fuller, Christine Ray and Mariah Voutilainen are proud to announce the official launch of Indie Blu(e). Indie Blu(e) is our way to support self-published writers and those publish through small independent presses and connect them with readers who are passionate about independent writing. Individually, independent writers have a certain amount of … Continue reading The Official Launch of Indie Blu(e)

Divergent-Iulia Halatz/Blog de companie

Blog de companie

“We’ve built a world where the only option is hubris. Where the future belongs to anyone willing to act like the gods of our myths.” – Seth Godin

When we strip away self-doubt and artifice we embrace the purity and freedom to feel and write as gods would do.
It is about running and battling with the beauty and the naïveté of the world at our side.
Freedom means courage…
Purity means courage…
Naïveté means courage…
Courage to strip away your soul and let it bloom before Spring is climbing up the trees.

Lately I have become part of a community that starts fires in a cold world, a community that grows blooming trees out of lackluster soil, that takes freedom, purity and courage to the other realm…There are many ways to say: “I love you”, many ways to say: “I am grieving”, many ways to say: “Thank you”.

I have…

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