Demon Duet- Christine Ray & Stephen Fuller

My dear friend and frequent collaborator Stephen Fuller wrote a response poem to Morning Tanka 3.  I have paired them here below.

Morning Tanka 3

Dancing in the dark

With the demons in my head

I lead, they follow

Our steps familiar, practiced

Shall we waltz, foxtrot , tango?


I should have refused

Told them my dance card was full

But they know me well

I always slip willingly

Into their poison embrace


The Demon Whispered Back

Where have you been?

I waited in the usual spot

Knew it would just take time

I am patient for my dancer

She dances like no other.


Tried to refuse me again?

I would laugh, but we know

My laughter only rides our rhythm

While you try to slip

Poison in my sweet tea,



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