Spoken Word Poetry: Phases/ Written & Performed by Kevin Kantor & Sienna Burnett

This is one of my very favorite pieces of Spoken word poetry.  This literally makes me feel almost every emotion I am humanly capable of.  It is beautiful, full of joy, full of compassion, full of pain, full of authenticity and it deserves your time.

“When they tell you your love is just a phase, tell them you don’t like the word just.”

17 thoughts on “Spoken Word Poetry: Phases/ Written & Performed by Kevin Kantor & Sienna Burnett

  1. okay, that was excellent and I will NEVER know why this is an ISSUE. I’ve never cared who my friends loved. What’s the big deal. It’s just another couple. Anyone who has a problem with who someone loves doesn’t have a clue what love is. They don’t have clue that people can love who they want to love and it’s NONE of their business. That it has NOTHING to do with THEM. This is one more insane belief that people are brainwashed into believing…that only a female and male are a couple. Screw that. It’s the same with Choice, it’s the same with ANYTHING THAT ALLOWS PEOPLE TO CONTROL THEIR OWN LIVES. The fact that people suffer for this or any other patriarchal/status quo crap is unbelievable. I’ve marched in Gay Pride Parades, actually married two women, christened a baby with two mothers and been friend with gays and lesbians since I was a teen ager. WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? Kids getting beaten to death, committing suicide same as women dying in back alley abortions… the right wing wants all of us dead. Fuck them.


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